Buy Roses For Your Love and Life

Buy a dozen roses for your sweetie, hide them in different spots of a place like a park or a mall. Invite her and hide in some nearby spot from where you can watch the proceedings. Arrange a person to hand over a rose to her as soon as she arrives. Attach a note to it informing her where to find the next rose. This should be the case with each rose and the last one should lead her to you waiting with a bouquet of flowers.


Happy Valentine’s Day 2011

Valentines Day is a day to express your love, and to celebrate the spirit of love. You will love this absolutely for valentine’s day site, where you can celebrate the spirit of this day of lovers.

Valentine’s Day 2011 is on February 14, Monday

Every year Valentines day falls on February 14. It doesn’t matter whether 14 February is on a weekday or weekend, Valentines day is officially celebrated on that day. It is a day to express your love, emotions and to glorify the spirit of love. This day also admires the martyrdom of a Christian saint, St. Valentine, who is supposed to be the originator of the festival marked with religious influence.

Day of the Week

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2000,Feb 14 Saturday
2001,Feb 14 Sunday
2002,Feb 14 Thursday
2003,Feb 14 Thursday
2004,Feb 14 Sunday
2005,Feb 14      Monday
2006,Feb 14      Monday
2007,Feb 14      Monday
2008, Feb 14     Monday
2009, Feb 14 Saturday
2010, Feb 14 Sunday
2011, Feb 14 Monday
2012, Feb 14 Tuesday
2013, Feb 14 Thursday
2014, Feb 14 Friday


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