Top 5 Gifts Guy Valentine’s Day For 2011

The idea of ​​Valentine’s girls and boys are completely different. The girl would grow out of the joy of seeing the trinkets and chocolates. It does not apply to you guys. He knows everything about a rebound. So girls, please read this guide before you go shopping, Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend or husband. Believe it or not, it will save you pain and hurt. How can I do? You can read for a moment.


They were not lying when they said a man’s heart through his stomach. You can make your man nuts about you simply by getting intimate and planning a wonderful candlelight dinner, away from civilization. Get the most wonderful sumptuous dinner as you can imagine (but do not experiment with the dishes you’re new) and fill your stomach with food and hearts with love.


Like jewelry for girls, gadgets for men. This is probably the best gift evergreen for men all day. They are just too crazy gadgets and good, whether you like it or not, they may actually be more in love with their gadgets than they are with you! but still, you can buy a gadget guy, he was wanted as a gift for Valentine’s Day 2011 and make his day.

Go creative

children also have a low angle, one of their hearts they will appreciate your efforts in making the gifts, but not ashamed to show your friends (an embroidered handkerchief, for example). You can make bookmarks, key rings, cufflinks custom command, tie pins, etc. All these gifts are an absolute ripper. Just keep in mind one thing. If you prefer not to use it, maybe he likes the design and feel that can tarnish. So do not fault you use your gift in hand! He still loves you and that is his way of showing your care.


Most guys love tools. But if your husband or boyfriend does not want to break into things or repair tools can not be much use for him. Thus, buying gifts he might find useful. Car repair tools are great gifts that anyone with a car he needs. “Tools of care” to take care of things like golf club will be very exciting.

Coffee mug or a glass of beer

These are all time favorites and work all the time! If you do not have one of the gifted, however, a custom glass 2011 on the subject or a cup to mark the moment of love in 2011.

These gift ideas are simple but effective for Valentine’s Day 2011 for women who are powerless when it comes to shopping for the kids. The golden rules to remember, they hate jewelry and toys and they love something practical and useful. They have a great


10 Romantic Ways To Propose On Valentine

My LoveLove
1. Get an attractive heart-shaped candy boxes. Fill with chocolates lovely design. Remove the center piece and put a diamond engagement ring there. This is a personal message engraved on a ring. Alternatively, fill a box of chocolate letters, spelling out “Marry Me” engagement ring Vana.

2. Take her to a secluded spot in a beautiful park. When you are about to get there, the band and give place to place. Remove the blindfold off and let his eyes fall on a plate (which have been placed there in advance), decorated with hearts, saying, “Will you marry me?”

3. Third If you are celebratingValentine’ s Day to you, praise his most favorite romantic movies. Halfway through the film you see on your home, leave the screen goes blank. Pretending to see what is wrong and your project proposals on the wall.

4. This requires advance payments are a lot of red roses. Write “Will you marry me?” rose petals on his lawn. Or, if it is to come to your plate, I greet you with your rose-leaf preparation of the living room floor. Keep an open box of velvet in the middle of a sparkling diamond engagement ring that is expected of her finger.

5. Take for dinner at a fancy restaurant – if possible get a cozy corner of the seat. Arrangements with the director of what will happen next. Ask the waiter for the menu card. His will be a little different. Since it opened, read his romantic proposal on it. Or organize your proposal to drop a fortune cookie served with dessert.

6. The sixth now with a dozen long-stemmed red roses with a card in his hand instead of going to the usual store bought one. Put a battery powered device to the card, so when it opens, it “talks” to her? “Will you marry me” Fasten your engagement ring to the stems of the bouquet.

7. Proposals may be seventh nerve Wrecking business. To assist in the mood, tickle her funny bone. Get a stuffed animal (teddy bears at the top of the list). Add a diamond engagement ring around the neck and forms a sound device in the teddy bear. When she presses teddy bear, skip the question referred to it.

8. Restaurants will be crowded, not to mention expensive. Certainly not the best places to have a heart to heart with the loved one. Don an apron and cook dinner for her in her place to place. They have prepared champagne and a satin ribbon tie in the glass of champagne.

9. According to his personality, to prepare their strategy. For the ultra-romantic girl and female (who secretly dreamed of this moment since she was a girl), play the knight in shining armor.

10. Organize a private romantic dinner, or at the beach or in your place, and a myriad of candles clarify its proposal for you.

2 Weeks Valentine Day

February 7th Rose Day

February 8th Propose Day

Chocolate Day on February 9

February 10 Teddy Day

February 11 Day Promise

Kiss Day February 12

February 13 Hug Day

February 14 Valentine’s Day

February 15 Relaxation Day

February 16 coup Day

February 17 Perfume

February 18 Flirting Day

Confession Day February 19

February 20 Day missing

February 21 Break Up